Evgeny Maftsir

Evgeny Maftsir, Mathematician and Business Executive

The president of a trading company, Evgeny "Eugene" Maftsir (Евгений Мафцир oversees different areas of the business, including international brokerage and banking, equity investments, and bridge loans. He is also involved in real estate investment and factoring. Evgeny Maftsir runs the company using his skills in math and financial modeling.

Originally from Latvia, Evgeny Maftsir came to the United States with only $300 and has since built businesses worth millions. Mr. Maftsir's experience has included the roles of assistant professor of mathematics at the College of Civil Aviation Engineers in Riga, Latvia, and a system programmer until 1990.

Between 1990 and 1996, he was the executive vice president of Elegant Logic, Inc., based in Secaucus, New Jersey, where he oversaw the export of personal computers and software into the Eastern European market, an endeavor that encompassed logistics and financing letters of credit. In 1996, he founded Elbron Holdings, offering trade finance, commodities trading, and bridge loan services.

Evgeny Maftsir (Евгений Мафцир) holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Latvian State University and a master of mathematics from the same institution. In his free time, he enjoys chess, travel, and scuba diving.

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Evgueni Maftsir
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